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The recently released Kindle for iPhone applications by Amazon has provided iPhone users the opportunity of enjoying the outstanding e-book reading experienced known from all Kindle ebook reader models. It has given all iPhone holders the rare opportunity to enjoy more than 240,000 Kindle-formatted books from Amazon's e-book library without the need to buy Kindle readers. What's more fun is that this Kindle iPhone application can be downloaded for free. All you need to do is gain access to Amazon's Application Store.

For several months amazon has been working for their iPhone-enabled Kindle applications. Seeing the software as the way to introduce non-Kindle users or owners to the power of their remarkable product, Amazon hopes that software accessible and usable to the iPhone crowd will pave way for more people to gain interest to their products. In addition, the software also presents all Kindle owners with additional ways of reading and enjoying their downloaded content while on the go.

The free Kindle applications software enables the users of popular Apple mobile devices to download and read ebooks from Amazon's Kindle store. After the software is successfully installed, it will enable users to send ebook content to their iPhone or ipod Touch. Once the software is launched, the user will be greeted by a setup screen, asking him to log in to his Amazon account. After typing-in the username and password, the user is not bound to meet his empty bookshelf, which will be filled once he starts downloading ebook content. Sadly, ebook content browsing and download cannot be performed by directly using the Apple gadget. You will need your Mac or PC to buy books on the Amazon site. However, this issue may be addressed with the release of Amazon's later software versions.

The actual Kindle for Iphone software carries most of the applications that one can expect from an ebook reader. It allows font size adjustments, bookmarking of pages and chapter jumps, but the software does not offer note-typing capabilities. However, it brings more fun to ebook reading experience as it adds portrait or landscape reading mode, alternate background and text color settings and pinch to zoom image features to your usual iPhone reading routine.

To those who own a Kindle 1 or Kindle 2, they can sync their bookmarks and notes with their free iPhone Kindle applications. In general, there is nothing revolutionary about the software. However, what's important is that it works well in giving iPhones to capability to store and display highly legible text. While it competes with other software such as Bookworm, Readdle and Stanza, none of the mentioned software can match the selection of text presented by the Amazon Kindle Store.

For avid ebook readers, the Kindle software holds a number of advantages. For one thing, the software will vastly increase the number of books that are available for iPhone. This is a good offset to the software's inability to enable newspaper and magazine subscriptions to iPhone applications. Once you set up your Amazon account, iPhone users can now enjoy the massive selections of ebook content that are available only at Amazon.

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