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Why the Apple Bluetooth Headset...

Why the Apple Bluetooth Headset is Not the iPhone's Best Complement

Apple's first accessory for the iPhone is it's minimalist bluetooth headset. Unfortunately this device doesn't live up to the company's highest standards. Apple's headset doesn't do everything other headsets can.

The good:
Is a stylish headset with a very easy pairing process made just for the iPhone. The controls are simple, there is only one button for everything. It comes with its own charging dock. The charging dock has one slot for the iPhone, and one slot for the headset. Using the charging dock, the iPhone and the headset's battery status show up on the screen.

The bad:
The iPhone bluetooth headset lacks a few basic features:

Call mute and redial - You get the regular abilities to answer and end calls, but don't bet on anything like last number redial or call mute.

Volume control - It doesn't have a volume control on the headset itself, if you need to adjust the volume, you'll have to change it with the iPhone.

Noise cancellation - There is no noise-cancellation/reduction technology.

Sound quality - It's not comparable to others headsets in the market, and the voices don't sound very natural. Just don't expect quality sound in an especially noisy or crowded environment.

Integration - Fails to deliver the full potential of the iPhone.

Battery life - The battery life was nowhere near the five hours of talk time and 72 hours of standby time as advertised.

Price - Is overpriced for the benefits it has.

Apple is the master of design and good looks, but there are no practical ergonomics implemented into this device. It's strictly a one-size-fits-all ear bud arrangement. The earpiece is too big and after awhile of use, it begins to hurt the ear. The ear covers help a little but that makes it larger. The battery can't hold a charge, it literally needs to be recharged every few hours, that makes it pretty worthless for people who depend on it.

Rather than any major performance advantage, Apple's bluetooth headset appeal is almost entirely in its shape, size and simplicity.

For a comprehensive guide on how to evaluate and choose a bluetooth headset for your iPhone visit
YouTube Ringtones for iPhone

YouTube: it's another craze as big as smartphones (maybe even more so ). Which is why it was only a matter of time before all the various smartphone makers made sure to come up with ways that their customers could access and view YouTube videos through their smartphones.

Many have made the grade, some are still trying - with the Apple iPhone being the latest to join in. Only, as is par for the course with the ever-innovative, pioneering Apple (never one to be outdone, or even beaten to the proverbial punch), the new technology takes YouTube for smartphones into a whole new arena - and one, at that, that makes one wonder what took them (or anyone) so long to think of it.

It's called "iRinger" and it's a third-party downloadable application that empowers iPhone users to convert YouTube videos into ringtones. Because if YouTube is the web's top video site, and the iPhone is the world's most celebrated smartphone, then ringtones are likewise one of the most popular and profitable smartphone features.

Furthermore, iRinger doesn't only convert YouTube videos into ringtones but videos from most other major video sites (such as Google). What's more, not only does iRinger let iPhone users convert online videos into ringtones, but MP3s audio files as well - including songs users may already own in their iTunes library.

YouTube videos have become such a sensation, that many of them wind up getting play on the evening news or even become widespread cultural phenomena. Consider the sobbing, freaked out fan pleading for people to "Leave Britney Alone", or the young police officer who called 911 because he thought he and his wife were overdosing on the cannabis he stole from his department ("I think we're either dying or we're already dead, I can't tell, but everything is moving really slowly"), or the myriad bloopers and blunders from every major media figure from pundits to politicos. Now consider any of these (or any of your other favorites) as the signal your iPhone gives you to let you know that your best friend or ex-boyfriend or mother is calling.
iRinger is free to download and is capable of making ringtones up to 30 seconds long.

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Free iPhone Screen Protector

FREE!! iPhone Screen Protector....

This is one iPhone accessory that any iPhone user should always have-- the iPhone screen protector. Since iPhone is has a touch screen LCD, it will more likely to have scratches from nails or dust and oil from the hands. We all know how difficult it is to clean the iPhone's LCD or oil and fingerprints. That's why screen protector is a must and the first accessory that our iPhone needs.

I once bought this screen protector for my iPhone and I threw it away after a few days of using it. It didn't have a good adhesive. I felt like I was having a place mat on a table. It always moved whenever I use the touch screen. When I try to put it in its proper place, it got oil and bubbles. I thought it was just useless.

Then I found this new screen protector and I was impressed. First, it is not flimsy. Second it doesn't get in the way of my use of the LCD and the touchscreen. It also has a very good adhesive. When pull it up, it doesn't have any residue or any bubbles.

It feels as though I was not using any screen protector. My fingers glide smoothly and the touch screen responds very quickly which means that the protector is not very thick. This is my first investment after I bought my iPhone 3G.

I don't like putting my iPhone in its bag because it is bulky. I just want to put it inside my pocket and just get it immediately from my pocket whenever I need to call someone or whenever somebody's calling me. That's why I really need a dependable protector. So far, my iPhone doesn't have a single scratch even if I'm not putting it in a bag.

Here's how to get Free iPhone Screen Protector. Enjoy!
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Get It For Free....

Download Games Onto iPhone

Do you know how to download games onto iPhones and get it for free today? The trick is to know where to go and what computer hardware and software is needed. It is important to have this knowledge to download games onto iPhones to get it for free today.

Although downloading is a wonderful way to get games, one should not forget that there is another way to play them: Use the iPhone web browser. This is great for users who do not wish to download "viruses or Trojans" but not so great for travelers.

Why is this a drawback? Should a person be out of their "coverage" area, being able to access these games are nonexistent. This is why downloading iPhone games are so popular. The games are readily available whenever the person wishes to play.

What kind of computer should be used when downloading the iPhone games? Believe it or not, a computer that has the basic essentials such as a modem, a large hard drive and RAM will suffice. A computer that is ten years old or younger will do.

The computer's modem is essential when trying to download from the Internet. A computer, which has dial-up as the primary way to gain Internet access, will take much longer to get games downloaded. A computer that has a high-speed connection will take twice as fast and can get more downloaded in less time.

Now, where can a person get these "downloaded games"? The choice made should be from a site where a person can repeatedly download. No doubt used often but never recommended are torrent sites or better known as P2P (peer to peer) sites.

Why are they not recommended? These sites are a breeding ground for viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and even malware. The files a person is downloading cannot be verified and may not be what they are named.

These sites also contain software that should not be downloaded, making them illegal. If a person is caught downloading them, they could go to jail/prison and be made to do restitution. This can be especially expensive for music downloaded in bulk or computer software that is not considered freeware.

So where can someone download games for free without getting into any trouble? Sites that offer unlimited game download for a one-time fee often times work out best. Why? The fee goes toward the site's maintenance and game records. This way the website's coordinators and operators are able to maintain new games and high-speed access for visitors. A person can also download movies and music not just games from the one-time fee.

You Can Finally Enjoy Your iPhone! Take advantage of these costs while the prices are still low. If the iPhone gains popularity much like the iPods have over the years, then we are more than likely to see more versions of it.
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8 Things You Need to Know About the Blackberry STORM...

With technology and information moving at the speed of light people find themselves needing to stay connected to friends, family and business ever more so much that at times it seems like it's almost impossible to go without access.

In today's ever changing war of cell phone manufacturers and wireless cell phone carriers the playing field has just gotten a bit more challenging for the weaker competition.

By now many of people have seen the iPhone and thought more than once about buying it. However, there seems to be a few common drawbacks to the iPhone like its spotty carrier service and lack of cell phone insurance if the cell phone becomes damaged. So basically, if you drop the iPhone and damage it you have purchase a new one.

On the heels of the iPhone are two leaders in the Smart phone game and they are the Palm Pre and Blackberry Storm.

In November of 2008, Blackberry entered the touch screen cell phone market with the robust and powerful Blackberry Storm offered exclusively by Verizon Wireless.

With the industry now having two choices for touch screen cell phones I have listed a few specifications for the Blackberry Storm.

1. The Blackberry Storm has wireless email, 3.2 megapixel camera, video recording, built-in GPS, Blackberry Maps, corporate data access, SMS and MMS.

2. The size and weight of the Blackberry is amazingly small as compared to earlier Blackberry models. The size and weight specs are as follows: 4.43"/112.5mm (Length), 2.45"/62.2mm (Width), 0.55"/13.95mm (Depth), 5.5 oz/155g (Weight)

3. The Blackberry has taken a page from the iPhone playbook by adding a SurePress touch screen, on screen keyboard with SureType and multi-tap Qwerty landscape.

4. It comes equipped with 3.5mm stereo headset capability, built-in microphone and BlueTooth.

5. The smart phone supports the following audio and video formats (MPEG4 H.263, MPEG4 Part 2 Simple Profile, H.264, WMV) (MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, WMA ProPlus).

6. The Blackberry Storm comes with the strongest battery life of any cell phone and has up to 15 days (Standby time), GSM up to 5.5 hours and CDMA up to 6 hours.

7. The Blackberry Storm offers users the option of expanding their memory support for microSD cards, 1GB of onboard memory and 128 MB of Flash Memory.

8. The Smart phone has a RIM wireless modem and the capability of tethering the smart phone as a modem. It also includes state-of-the-art encryption for security.

If you would like to get more information on about the Blackberry Storm, iPhone, Palm Pre and other cell phones go to and read experts reviews about cell phone carriers like Let's Talk that offer these cell phones and many others.